About Me.

Hello. I’m Gary. This blog will have posts about the things in life I enjoy, mainly cycling and walking. I’ve been a keen leisure cyclist for 25 years or so but a cyclist for a lot longer, I didn’t learn to drive until I was 30. Walking was something I done occasionally but now have taken it up more seriously. Mostly it is up in the South Downs. It has opened up places I couldn’t get to on my bike. I also like to walk my local patch which is just south of Chichester in Sussex.


One thought on “About Me.

  1. Hello Gary,
    We would like to put a link to your Mundham walk in our next Mundham email magazine Mundham Monthly.
    The walk and photos show the magic of this part of W. Sussex. I walk and cycle round the area regularly and you’ve really done it credit.
    We’d love to promote the walk to our readers. Would it be OK to put the map and a couple of photos and some text along with the link?
    BTW a lady called Vicki Dos Santos kindly gave us the link.

    Best Regards

    Mick Lovell

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