Walk Around My Patch.

After a week of not feeling 100% because of a cold, I decided to just go for  a short walk around my patch. I live in North Mundham, a village about 3 miles south of Chichester. This walk took me to Hunston, Fisher, South Mundham and Runcton.



I walked through the village center and passed St Stephen’s, the 13th century Church. We’ve had 2 christenings and on of our daughter’s wedding there.




Just beyond the church is the footpath that takes me out onto the farmland which will be the next 20 mins or so of my walk. As I walk I can see Chichester Cathedral and the Downs in the distance.



I now head South passing Hunston Copse, which has recently been partly fenced off and turned into a nature workshop for local schools. There are some lovely old oak trees in there. As I walked by there was a Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming and the first bluebells were showing.


This part of the walk is across arable land, mostly growing fresh vegetables and herbs. As I walked along the path I could see Hunston to my left, and in the field to my right a couple of Roe Deer ran off. I was amazed at the amount of Yellowhammers I could hear singing. They seemed to be in every hedge I passed.


At the end of this track the path splits into two. One goes to Hunston and the other to Fisher, which is the path I took. I could see St Leodegar’s, the church in Hunston, through the trees.



The path to Fisher took me through Chichester Golf Club where I like to play a round once a month with a good friend of mine. There are 2 courses here but I only play on the easy one. We also play the Par 3 course once a week in the summer.


From the golf course I took this path across more arable land. Fisher consists of half a dozen houses including Fisher Farm who breed Hereford Cattle. They are called Fisher Poll Hereford. Poll means they are bred without horns.




I walked along the lane which goes to Runcton. We still have a few of these old style road signs in the area. This old stable is still used sometimes.



I turned off of the lane, crossing a cattle grid, to use a permissive path where I crossed the Pagham Rife and saw some of the Fisher Poll Hereford’s I mentioned earlier. One of them had a calf. The rife runs through the gardens of some of the bigger houses in Runcton. Every summer some of the houses in Mundham and Runcton open their gardens to raise money for the village hall and playing field.



Pagham Rife is one of two rifes that run through the area, the other being Bremere Rife which runs through Hunston. Both of them flow into Pagham Harbour to the south. Pagham Rife is joined further South by the River Lavant flood relief channel which was built after the 1994 and 2000 floods in Chichester. If there is a lot of rainfall they can divert the river Lavant, north of Chichester, to this channel.


I now walked around Saltham Lane to Runcton village center passing the pond, one of three that are on this walk.


I now crossed the rife again at Runcton Mill, a Georgian, grade II listed building. I could see fish swimming as I watched the water pass under the bridge. The mill-pond is in the beautiful garden behind the mill. The mill is now divided into apartments.




Now I take the footpath across the fields back to North Mundham, coming out in Post Office Lane. This was the Post Office and village shop until about 10 years ago. When the Post Office closed they tried to keep it running as a shop but sadly, it didn’t work. I hope you enjoyed a walk around my local patch. Below is a map of the walk.




2 thoughts on “Walk Around My Patch.

  1. Hello Gary, that looks like a beautiful walk. You are very fortunate to live in such a lovely area.

    I’ve not walked at all in that area, only ever driven around some of it, will have to rectify that!

    I remember driving towards Chichester from Midhurst during the 2000 floods and turning back south of Harting as the water was faster than my car and getting deeper.

    1. It is a great place to live. I’m half an hour cycle ride from the downs or 10 minutes drive if I want to go for a walk. The coast us even nearer. Chichester is a lovely city to walk around and only 45 minutes away, along the canal.

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