Early Morning Ride to Elmer.

Today I went for my first leisure bike ride for a couple of months. Just a short easy ride to Elmer and back in a circular route. I cycled to Bognor and rode along the prom to Felpham. It’s nice having that as a cycle path now, though I wouldn’t ride along there on a crowded summers day. I rode through Felpham and saw that they’re finally building on the site of the old shops that they demolished years ago. The path around the King George V playing field makes it much safer to get into Middleton avoiding the roundabout. I stopped on the beach at Elmer for a coffee and cake. I’ve never seen the sea defences before, and have to say they don’t look very attractive but I suppose they do the job.



I went from here around the private estate to Acton then onto Yapton. This means crossing the road at Comet Corner but at this time on a Sunday it’s ok. Once in Yapton I went to the l2th century church of St Mary’s. I love this church with its crooked tower.


I got to Barnham via Lake Road to avoid the main road as much as possible. I had one more church to stop at to have a coffee and cake stop. If I’m riding in this area I always stop at St George’s at Eastergate. It has a bench on the south wall which today with the northerly wind was very nice.



From here it was half an hour home via Aldingbourne and Oving. 25 very enjoyable miles.


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