Walk to Levin Down

This morning I went for a walk to the Sussex Wildlife Trusts reserve at Levin Down near Singleton. I parked at the Triangle near the Trundle enclosure. As soon as I got out of the car I was pleased that I’d bought my big coat as the wind was bitter. Before I walked down into Singleton I went up St Roche’s hill the see the great 360° views. As usual I wasn’t disappointed because the air was so clear I could see for miles. The wind was so strong as I walked back down, it blew me off the path a couple of times.


Still a bit of snow from last night


Trig point at the top. You can see Dell Quay to the right of the photo


Sun breaking through over the sea.


Sun shining on the hill across the valley.


Glorious Goodwood.

I headed down the hill toward Singleton. The first couple of hundred yards are on the lane before you take the footpath across the fields. You get some great views of Levin Down and Charlton as you walk down the lane.


Looking downs Knight’s Hill


Levin Down on the left

It was the first time I’ve used this footpath. It was nice to see the views from different angles. Looking across to the road that goes to Singleton I didn’t realise how steep it is even though I’ve cycled up it many times.

Looking across to Town Lane

Looking across to Town Lane

As I was walking down there was a huge flock of very noisy and restless Corvids on the field and flying.

Rooks, crows and jackdaws

Rooks, crows and jackdaws


Corvids on the field and in the air.

As I got down the hill the church of The Blessed Virgin Mary at Singleton came into view. Originally a Saxon church with 15th century and Victorian additions. At the bottom of the hill you go through a farmyard where some curious cows watched me walk by. There is a small gate which gets you into the churchyard. I always stop in a churchyard for a break whether I’m walking or cycling.



Is he mad, he should come into our warm shed.

Is he mad, he should come into our warm shed.

Church of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Church of The Blessed Virgin Mary

After walking along the road for a little while I got to the footpath that goes up the hill to Levin Down. It was quite steep to start with then the path goes across the hill which makes it a little easier. It’s worth the climb when you turn around and see the views opening up behind you.



You go through 2 gates to get in the reserve, between them is an information board. As soon as I got in there were a few Herdwick sheep grazing.


Herdwick sheep.

I found a bench with a lovely view and decided to sit down for 10 minutes. To the left I could see towards Charlton and along the valley, to the right was Singleton. I could see some of the buildings in the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum. The museum is well worth a day out. My wife and I have been Friends of the museum for 10 years and enjoy many days out there.


Looking toward Charlton. You can just make out the Lavant Course running through the field.


Looking toward Singleton.

I made my around the eastern edge of the reserve then climbed up through the steep wooded hillside to get to the clearing at the top of the down. Again it’s worth the climb for the views across the Downs.


Steep climb through the trees.


Looking East from the top of the hill.


Looking North.

I made my way back to Singleton and back up the hill to my car. I crossed the Lavant Course, which is in full flow, in Singleton.


Lavant Course


Looking back toward Singleton on my way to the car.

Screenshot 2015-02-01 15.56.22

Map of the walk 5.5 miles



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